Island Bay Doomsday Christmas

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The Island Bay Loners' Doomsday Christmas Sing-Along
Written by Alex Lodge, Cherie Jacobson and Ed Watson

The Mayans predicted it and the Prime Minister has confirmed it, so it must be true. The world is going to end on the 21st of December and the Government has moved Christmas forward so that New Zealanders can go out with a bang.
When the possibility of dying alone becomes an increasingly real prospect, a group of friendless Island Bay strangers gather to party like there’s no tomorrow. Because there isn’t.
The creators of Tea for Toot and Nucking Futs invite you to an apocalyptic Christmas bash at BATS complete with songs, snacks, and a healthy dose of impending doom. Join the Island Bay Loners' Doomsday Christmas Sing-Along - it’ll be the Christmas to end all Christmasses.

*Be a Christmas star! Bring a can of food or an unwrapped new gift to donate to The Wellington City Mission and receive your ticket at the concession price!

Suggestions for gifts can be found on The Wellington City Mission's website, but toiletries for the adults and art equipment, educational books, puzzles, and water or sports toys for the kids are some quick suggestions!

Produced by Cherie Jacobson, Adrianne Roberts and Emma White

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