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Twelve years ago, six children were placed in a secure environment without outside input.

Now sixteen, they’ve grown up in a behavioural vacuum where there are no adults to tell them ”it's
not sensible to wear jandals on a wet day”, to “sit up at the table to eat their dinner” and that they
need to “go to bed” at a certain time.

There are no adults to answer all the curious questions children ask when they are trying to make
sense of the world, like how babies are made and where food comes from. With this information
vacuum the children create their own answers that involve balloons, yellow brick roads and tricycles.

The secure environment with no outside input means the children miss out on being taught by Mum
and Dad’s behaviour - the “do as I do”. This raises questions about what exactly is normal behaviour,
development, and social interaction, while also creating some comedic moments as the children fill
in the missing bits of information to create their own social norms. The “normal” grace for dinner is
turned into a routine of giving thanks through singing and dancing around the picnic blanket. The
twist in the story is a moment that is chillingly haunting and raises goosebumps on the back of your

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