Game of Things

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Winter is something...
The night is dark and full of stuff...

The world of supernatural births and trials by combat.
The world of feuding families and tyrants.
The world's fate lies in your hands...

In the burning south, dragons and their queen. To the frozen north, The Rift. And scattered throughout the land, executions, bastards and betrayers, intrigue and incest, sex and violence, vengeance, victory and magic. Kings and knights, lords and ladies, schemers and schemestresses, whores, thieves, the noble and the sinister alike rise and fall as the battle for the crown is conducted.

Chose an event each night to add to the story. Watch as in five, live action 'episodes', the blood, the romance, and the epic that is Game of Thrones is transformed and parodied in the equally epic Game of Things.

Presented by Playshop. Book before 16th June and get your ticket for only $10!

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