Into the Uncanny Valley

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Bang. (Big)


An adventure into the enchanting truth hidden within every particle of existence.

Using a mixture of theatre, dance, music, and visual and physical effects, our audience will be taken on a surprising and inspiring  theatrical adventure. We follow Sophie, as she takes an Uncanny journey from the ‘clockwork universe’ of the 19th century, through the profound but counter-intuitive truths uncovered by physics in the 20th century - meeting many weird and wonderful characters along
the way - up to what may finally be the discovery of the ‘God Particle’ within humanities greatest ever machine - the Large Hadron Collider...

Energies. (dark) Holes. (black) Mysteries. (perplexing) Cats. (unstable)

Produced by Lumina Productions as part of STAB 2012 (with thanks to Creative NZ)
Directed by Charlie Bleakley

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