PSA: Revolution!

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Time for another round of satire with the award nominated Public Service Announcements.

This season’s challenge? How do you make the traditionally most boring year in a political cycle, the year before an election, interesting and engaging?

The Answer: Do what any other country would do and start a war, or in this case, a revolution! And who else could lead that revolution but New Zealand’s loudest public activist, and occasional politician, Hone Harawira.

2013 is a year of change. Cabinet has been re-shuffled, the Opposition have responded, and now the challenges begin. Have Steven and John picked the right team for the job? Can Hekia fulfill her promise / a promise / any promise? Can Shearer make Labour click? Are the Greens ready to challenge for control of the Left? How many aces is Winston holding? How many politicians can the Maori Party hold? What the hell is John Banks still doing here? And why can’t anyone remember Peter Dunne?

Then to make things even more interesting, here comes a giant, angry, bespectacled, spanner in the works – Hone…the Barbarian – and he's had enough of Politicians, Politics, and just being the Lone Wolf of Maoridom. It's Hone Time – and if he has his way, not only will this revolution be televised, it will be on film, maybe even a TED talk, and will change New Zealand politics forever.

"The cast brought continual waves of laughter from the audience to make this laugh-a-minute show a great piece of political satire and very entertaining." Ewen Coleman, The Dominion Post

Written by James Nokise
Directed by Rachel Henry
Performed by The No Fefe Collective

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