The Clouds

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In a time of terrible economic recession, a bankrupt father decides to send his child to University to study Argument under the great Socrates so that when the debt collectors turn up, they can talk their way out of having to pay their bills – after all, everyone knows that if you’re skilled in Argument then hey, you can murder your own brother-in-law and get away with it!  But no one is prepared for the shocking truths that Socrates and his University are ready to reveal: the world is round! the gods are dead! Fleet Foxes are lame! and rain doesn’t come from aliens weeing on us!


Songs! Dances! Masks! Banjos! Hula-hoop fights! Intense mental anguish! Angry truth-telling! Topical commentary! Biting satire! The Bacchanals celebrate their 13th birthday with a brand new production of Aristophanes’ 423BC comedy The Clouds. 


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