White Cloud

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by Ken Duncum and Tim Finn

Who Are We? Why Does It Matter?

Two of New Zealand's most celebrated artists combine their talents to examine the cloudy question of identity, and its powerful relationship with place and people.

New songs written by Tim Finn weave together with stories and observations brought to life by actors to create an immersive music and spoken word experience.

White Cloud draws on both authors' family histories, letters, journals and photographs going back generations, as well as their own perspectives on the country and culture that bred them.

Salvage something that we need to remember
From the wreck of history
Family images of fading splendor
Where they lead I'm following ...

Featuring Dena Kennedy and Stephen Lovatt
Music performed by Brett Adams, Ben King, Chris O'Connor, Lisa Crawley and Kingsley Melhuish

Directed by Simon Bennett

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