The Annual BATS Summit (TABS)

Powering up our artists! TABS is designed to fuel our artists’ creative fire and support their development. 

Our weekend programme of free events is accessible to performing arts practitioners wishing to upskill. It  focuses on areas of professional development identified by the sector as key to career sustainability in the arts, including health and wellbeing, advocacy for the arts, sponsorship and fundraising. It also provides an opportunity for established and highly experienced industry professionals to share knowledge, and inspire creative and professional development with others in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Through BATS Theatre’s risk/share model, co-ops who achieve 60% or more of ticket sales across their season make a small contribution to an accumulating Practitioner fund. The fund was created with the intent to develop practitioners. TABS is also supported by the Wellington City Council.

TABS 2018 Programme of Events

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Eternal Failure of the Stupid Self

Saturday, 29 September / 9.30-11.30am / The Heyday Dome

Explore clown presence and dynamics from the inside out in this intensive introduction to clown essentials. Qualified clown and former Clown Doctor Thomas LaHood will alert you to the clown that exists naturally inside you and help facilitate its 'coming out'.  Only 12 slots available for this workshop.

The Scenographic Landscape

Saturday, 29 September / 10-11am / The Random Stage

Why do we design? A conversation with Meg Rollandi and Nick Zwart about the role, value and future of scenography in New Zealand. 

STAB: Actual Fact

Saturday, 29 September / 12-1pm / The Random Stage

"There's the story (...) then there's how the story came to be told. Then there's what you leave out of the story, which is part of the story too.” Join the team creating this year's STAB commission Actual Fact in an interactive discussion about the role of perception, persuasive language and metaphor when communicating good evidence about wicked problems.

The Marketer's Toolbox

Saturday, 29 September / 12-1pm / The Heyday Dome

Tabitha Arthur, William Duignan (facilitator), Cailin Neal and Claire O'Loughlin share their insights on collaborative marketing practices.

Performing the World

Saturday, 29 September / 2-4pm / The Random Stage

Voice Arts Artistic Director Nicola Pauling is the first New Zealander to graduate from the New York based East Side Institutes’s International Programme, a nine month programme that brings together people from across the globe who have one thing in common: building community through performance. In this active participatory workshop Nicola shares her take-aways from the programme, the innovative projects she encountered, and the impact this has had on her work as a community theatre practitioner.

Whariki Hauora

Saturday, 29 September / 2.30-5pm / The Heyday Dome

Don't miss this special guest workshop by Borni Te Rongopai Tukiwaho who will be joining us from Auckland to share his incredible insights into weaving the foundations of Wellbeing for the Arts landscape. Only 20 slots available.

Creating the Agent of Your Dreams

Sunday, 30 September / 10am-12pm / The Heyday Dome

We are creative! We also need to develop a skilful marketing persona – creatively. Meet the Agent! In this session, Lani Morris will help you become confident about marketing yourself. Only 30 slots available.

How do we Make a Living Wage?

Sunday, 30 September / 11am-12pm / The Random Stage

How do we make a Living Wage? This practical 60 minute session led by Jo Randerson will cover hourly rates, fees, negotiating and making a living as an artist. Jo's company Barbarian Productions are the first performing arts company to be Living Wage accredited and Jo and Thomas support their whānau through full time arts employment.

There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Sunday, 30 September / 12-1pm / The Studio

Eat your fill while chewing the fat with special industry guests from Fringe Festival, BATS and more.

Creating Meaningful Work

Sunday, 30 September / 2-4pm / The Heyday Dome

We know our work is meaningful - to us. But who else cares? Lani Morris will help you see how your work contributes to others and how this helps you to charge good money for it. Only 30 slots available. 

On Tour - A Producer's Guide

Sunday, 30 September / 2-3pm / The Random Stage

What does it take to move out of your comfort zone and reach a broader audience? And why should you do it? Hear from seasoned producers Angela Green (theatre) and Maria Deere (comedy and music) about the triumphs and tribulations of producing in the context of NZ and beyond.

 Make Soup from a Stone

Sunday, 30 September / 3.30-5.30pm / The Random Stage
Performance maker Paula van Beek will lead this practical workshop that explores how the creative process feeds your work. With simple tips and tricks to get over blocks and keep the work going forward this workshop is suitable for theatre makers at any stage of their career. Bring an idea you are already working on, or just bring a stone.

Body-Mind and Tranquil Stuff

Sunday, 30 September / 4.30-5.30pm / The Heyday Dome

Add the finishing touch to your weekend with Lori Leigh as she guides us through the world of Body-mind and Tranquil Stuff in this easy paced yoga session. Only 20 slots available. 


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