Work with us

BATS Board Youth Intern

Get amongst the governance of Aotearoa's leading developmental theatre as the next BATS Board Youth Intern. The board helps keep BATS flying steady, and is involved in setting the direction of the theatre. To offer new experiences and benefit from fresh perspectives, the board offers an annual internship to a young person or emerging professional with an interest in the performing arts and/or governance.

Being the BATS Board will give you; 

  • A chance to work alongside your fellow board members – professionals who work at the top of their fields – to help broaden your network and open up opportunities.
  • A platform and a voice at the top level of decision making of BATS Theatre; including policy-making, feedback on programming and governance.
  • A deeper understanding of how an independent theatre runs


Our Board Youth Intern will:

  • Be aged between 18-30 years old
  • Join the BATS board for one year
  • Attend monthly meetings (usually held at BATS) and other occasional community events
  • Choose their level of involvement, be that to observe, actively participate, or even start their own initiative or project
  • Be given complimentary tickets to all BATS shows along with travel expenses to attend meetings

Our Youth Interns are non-director board members, so don't take on any of the risks or responsibilities that come with signing-on as an official director. However, interns can participate fully in board discussions, and can contribute to decision-making. Like the other board members, this is a volunteer role!

Register your interest
To register your interest in becoming our next BATS Board Youth Intern, tell us about yourself. Be specific and passionate, what's your vibe?

No need to write a perfect essay, we just want to get to know more about YOU and WHY you wanna work with us.
  • What does live art mean to you? 
    • Is it Theatre, Dance, Stand up, Improv, live or digital art for you? Or maybe a new and exciting combo of all of the above?
  • What sorts of skills, experience, or perspectives would you bring? 
    • It's ok if none come to mind, perhaps you would just bring an interest and energy for being involved in this type of role! What kind of questions do you want to ask, what kind of art or productions have you worked on? 
  • What would you hope to gain from the experience?
    • Do you wanna become a whiz at fundraising? Do you want to get knee deep in policy writing and shape the future of how BATS is run? Do you want to understand programming and long term visions? Or do you just want to have your voice heard?
Your application can be as short or long as you like. It could be a document, slideshow, a video or something else, as long as you can email your application to by Monday 17 May.