Work with us

Become the first BATS Board Youth Intern!

Are you:

  • Passionate about Arts organisation governance;

  • keen to get exposure to board dynamics and practices;

  • keen to contribute your unique skills;

  • able to bring a new and fresh perspective; and

  • prepared to commit for a minimum of 12 months?

BATS Theatre is offering the opportunity to observe and participate on the board for a year (beginning from the date of the 2019 BATS Theatre AGM, Monday May 20) with a view to gaining exposure to new talent and the benefits a different perspective can bring.  If you are selected as the BATS Board Intern, you will:

  • attend all board meetings;

  • be assigned an experienced mentor;

  • participate as a board member in all aspects but will have no voting rights and will not form part of the quorum of a board meeting; and

  • receive travel reimbursement and dinner on meeting nights.

How do I register my interest in becoming the BATS Board Intern?

To register your interest in becoming the BATS Board Intern, please email by April 30 with a response to the above provocation, outlining:

  • relevant contact details

  • why you want the position (what you hope to gain from the experience)

  • relevant skills and/or experience (what you can bring).

Your response can take any form, for example a one pager, a short video, or however you feel you can best communicate your message.