BATS’ philosophy is at the heart of how we operate. It informs everything we do. Here are the most important things to know about how BATS operates:

BATS vision

Inspiring people, new ideas, innovation and exciting performance, nurturing the lifeblood of theatre practice in Aotearoa New Zealand.

BATS kaupapa

To provide a supportive, professional and accessible theatre venue that fosters the development of practitioners, audiences and New Zealand performance work.


BATS is not-for-profit; we’re a registered charity.

We’re not in it for the money and that’s how we like it!

BATS is an open house for artists and audiences.

Our open pitching policy and flexible hireage make it easy to stage shows here, and our low ticket prices mean that experiencing bold new performance is affordable for all.

BATS is a professionally run presenting venue.

We don’t create the work performed here, but we help make it happen! We support groups of independent artists with our time, energy and resources to get their work in front of an audience.

BATS average ticket price is just $15.

We believe that experiencing theatre should be affordable. A ticket to a BATS’ show is usually the same as going to the movies, or even cheaper.

The majority of money spent on tickets goes straight to the artists.

Coming to BATS makes you a champion of the arts as you’re directly supporting the artists you see on stage.

There are no up-front venue costs to putting on a show at BATS.

Hireage is only 15% of ticket sales, and we work to keep venue & ticket fees low.