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BATS Co-Pro Model

At this time we are presenting our last Co-Pro, Mokomoko by Sherilee Kahui, from our 2021 CNZ Adaptation Funding, in March, 2022.

Thanks to the Creative New Zealand Adaptation Fund in 2021 we offered a BATS Co-Pro deal to support artist sustainability. This deal allowed artists more time in the venue promoting greater artist wellbeing. We partnered with artists that are prepared to push, shove and break what's expected, as well as bring BIG design back to BATS.

This included increased support above and beyond our usual offerings including almost $5000 worth of BATS contra in producing, marketing, technical support and rehearsal space. This package also gave financial backing through a Kickstarter grant, venue hire fee's subsidy and minimum box office guarantee. Also our new digital delivery unit was developed and assisted our artists to maximise the potential of their ideas and dreams.

Co-Pro's of 2021 included:

We are looking for partners to sponsor future Co-Pros

As this model received much positive feedback from artists and audiences alike we want to continue to champion sustainability and wellbeing for people who work in the live art sector.

Given the state of live arts in the current pandemic there is huge need for this in our community.

If you would like to help us achieve these goals in presenting more Co-Pros, please get in touch with our Partnerships Manager, Lyndee-Jane.