Donate to BATS


Help BATS survive and thrive. You can support the development of new NZ performance  and impact the careers of hundreds of artists every year.  Your gift is an investment in the creative future of Aotearoa. You keep BATS flying.

Wing us some ping!

You can gift a one-off amount to BATS by making a donation or by making a contribution when you book tickets to a show. Every single gift makes a real difference, and keeps BATS sustained. No amount is too small.


Other ways you can give:

A baby-bat gift every month

You could set up an automatic payment to give a recurring gift every month. Ongoing support like this is extra amazing. Being able to rely on it helps us plan for the future. Here are our bank deets:

BATS Theatre
03 0515 0215289 00

Become a BATS Champion

We’re working to recruit a small army of passionate arts lovers who want to invest in the future of BATS. If you’re someone who would like to support BATS by making a larger contribution, talk to us about how you can become a BATS Champion.

Help build a BATS to the Future Fund

You can lay the foundation for the the next generation of performers, directors, writers and technicians.

With more than 27 years as New Zealand’s strongest developmental theatre, BATS has big plans for the future. We are building a BATS to the Future fund to ensure that BATS remains the fluttering heart of new New Zealand theatre for years to come.

If you would like to contribute to this fund with a bequest, please get in touch. 


Why does BATS need me to donate?

BATS is not for profit. The majority of money from ticket sales is paid out to the artists who make the shows to help support them and their work. We keep our venue fees low so that BATS is an affordable place to create and experience exciting new NZ performance.

This means that we rely on people like you to join our mission to grow exciting new performance and new artists.

Your support will enable us to properly run our building, and create opportunities for artists to take risks, develop and succeed.

Where will my donation go?

Your donation will help close the gap between what BATS is funded and how much it costs BATS to professionally run our venue and support our artists.

Your donation helps us keep the lights shining bright; electricity for our theatre spaces, rent for our beautiful building, and upkeep of equipment and facilities used by our artists.