Marketing your show

Marketing your show is up to you, but BATS’ Marketing Manager is on hand to guide you through marketing and publicity and to assist in identifying opportunities to promote your show.

Here’s an overview of what we will need from you:

  • Main listing image for BATS’ website and Guano brochure.

  • Your show blurb for our website, and a 50 word version for the Guano.

  • Proofs of your posters and flyers; we need to approve these before printing.

  • Copies of your posters and flyers to display here at BATS.

  • Any additional images or video for BATS website or social media

Keep us in the loop with any promotions you’ll be running, any media attention you receive, and to send in any photos, links, articles or other resources that might assist us in getting the word out to our networks.

Ask for our BATS Marketing and Publicity Guidebook for more info on how this all works as well as some helpful tips and hints for promoting a show at BATS.