Pitching & Performance Agreement

Pitching a show

BATS has an open pitching policy. We’re keen to hear from anyone with a bold new performance idea!

We now programme seasons to a deadline, more information below. Programming for the NZ Fringe Festival and the NZ International Comedy festival is a different basket of bats. To find out more about how take part during festival time read about Festivals at BATS.

Pitching seasons for 2021 are as follows:

Fringe for The Dome & Random Stages: pitch here

Fringe for The Studio: What is digital performance?: pitch here

January 26th - May 1st pitch here

May 24th - August 28th pitch here

August 30th - END OF YEAR!  pitch here

If you have a show, but unsure when you'd like to stage it please get in touch with our Programme Director

Pitching for a BATS show generally requires you to have a prospective creative team lined-up already. We might be able to help you connect with other creatives who can lend a hand if you need it.

The only time BATS commissions a show is for our annual STAB and STAB Lab commissions.


Your Performance Agreement

When it’s time to make things official you’ll need to sign a Performance Agreement on behalf of your group. BATS’ Programme Director will arrange this with you, and step you through the agreement.

Your BATS Performance Agreement is not just a contract. It contains:

  • Key information about your season, ticketing and access to the spaces,

  • The stuff we’ll take care of,

  • What you need to take care of.

Some of it seems like ‘fine print’ but please read over it in detail. Forward it on to your team so everyone knows what has been agreed to.