Performing in other BATS spaces

Sometimes BATS shows perform in areas outside the theatre spaces, like in the bar, backstage or on the stairs. We love shows using our quirky theatre building in new and unique ways! If you’re planning on performing out of the box, talk to our Front of House Manager as we’ll need to work out the logistics together.

Please bear in mind that the alleyway next to BATS does not belong to the theatre. This land belongs to the New Zealand Fire Service, and is only able to be used as a fire exit, or as an entrance for people with mobility needs. Due to the proximity with the firemen’s barracks the alleyway cannot be used as an entrance or exit for your show.

BATS is only able to use the alleyway with the permission of the New Zealand Fire Service; if we lost permission to use this fire exit BATS would have to close.

Using the Studio

The Studio is also a space for scheduled performances and private hires so using the space needs to be arranged in advance. 

You may be able to hire The Studio for rehearsing your show before your season. There’s even a special rate for BATS shows. Check out our Room Hire Information, or get in touch with our Venue and Events Coordinator with your booking enquiry.