Pack-in & Pack-out


Most BATS shows will have one or two full days to set up in the theatre, free of charge. Your specific pack-in times are outlined in your Performance Agreement. There is a loading zone right outside the theatre, which can be parked in briefly.

Extra pack-in time on weekends or after-hours can be arranged, but will need to be paid for.  This is because we need to make sure technical set-up is supervised, but BATS unfortunately doesn’t have the funds to pay for additional staffing (oh how we wish we did!)

Costs from additional tech support can be deducted from your Box Office payout, so don’t need to be paid for up-front. If you need to arrange additional pack-in time please contact our Technical Manager.

We definitely recommend using the full allotted pack-in time, but you’re not required to use all of it. If you’ll only be using part of your pack-in time just let us know.

During weekdays BATS staff will be on hand for advice and support. Packing-in a show can be a really stressful and busy time, but we’ll do what we can to help you have a good time too.



BATS can only run on the generous spirit of the co-ops! Basically, this means we need you to clean up after yourselves when you pack-out after your final show.

You get a clean and tidy venue when you arrive at the start of your season, so we ask that you leave it clean and tidy for the people after you. Due to our high turnover of shows, pack-out has to happen on closing night, after the last show in your performance space.

This is definitely the unglamorous side of the theatre business, but pack-out doesn’t have to take long if everyone pitches in. A BATS house technician will be on hand with a list of jobs and to make sure everything runs smoothly.