Technical Support

Technical support

All our shows receive supervised pack-in and pack-out time for free, which is negotiable when your show is contracted. Pack-in days usually go from 9am until 5pm on weekdays.

A BATS House Technician will be scheduled to attend your opening night, to make sure everything goes smoothly and assist with any teething problems.

BATS’ doesn’t supply someone to operate your sound and lighting during a performance but we might be able to put you in touch with people who can help. BATS’ Technical Manager will be on hand to help train your operator on our sound and lighting equipment. We might even be able to arrange training on the tech gear in advance of your pack-in.

Extra pack-in time in evenings or weekends can be arranged but comes with a cost. The reason for the cost is that BATS needs to pay a venue technician to be on site. We wish we could offer additional technical support for free, but unfortunately BATS doesn’t have the money required to absorb extra staffing costs.

If your show needs additional technical help, or additional pack-in hours, please arrange this with BATS’ Technical Manager in advance.