Support BATS

Help BATS fly high by contributing to The BATS Pack! You can support the development of new NZ performance and impact the careers of hundreds of artists. Find out the four different ways you can give to BATS today.

Adopt a wear and tear repair

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Did you know even a beautiful, newly renovated building such as BATS still needs regular repairs? Routine maintenance and operational costs, from loo roll to floor repaintings, keep our spaces squeaky clean and offer our artists a first-rate venue to create work in. When you sign up to regular giving, your monthly donation will keep our performance spaces feeling fresh and looking fine.


Adopt a First Act

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Did you know around 85% of box office income goes directly to the artists? When you make a one-off donation, you help provide an accessible, supportive venue with amenities for artists, including tea and coffee, warm showers and workshop facilities to grow and develop their ideas for the stage. When you adopt a first act, you facilitate the creation of new New Zealand theatre.


Adopt a lighting board

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Did you know a light bulb for theatre costs $80, a projector costs $3,000 and a lighting board costs $20,000? When you give a major gift, it will literally keep the lights shining bright and our equipment up to date. That makes our artists happy, which makes us happy. When you adopt a lighting board, you shine the light on the Wellington arts scene.


Adopt a performer from the future

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Did you know you can be a part of BATS’ future? By contributing to the investment fund, you share the gift of live performance. Your gift means creating new projects and initiatives, such as professional development opportunities, which help create and nurture a new generation of actors, writers, directors, designers and technicians.

If you would like to contribute to this fund or discuss longer term options, such as bequests, please contact our Marketing and Fundraising Manager, Cailin Neal.

Why does BATS need me to donate?

BATS is not for profit. The majority of money from ticket sales is paid out to the artists who make the shows to help support them and their work. We keep our venue fees low so that BATS is an affordable place to create and experience exciting new NZ performance.

This means that we rely on people like you to join our mission to grow exciting new performance and new artists.

Your donation will help close the gap between what BATS is funded and how much it costs BATS to professionally run our venue and support our artists.