Immediate theatre, responding to the world as it is on the night you see it.

Want more? Catch LATE NIGHT KNIFE FIGHT at 8pm right after One Act/Play,
and pay just $30 for both!

In One Act/Play, four performers bring together over 100 years* of combined experience to create a very special improvised play for you, right now. No script, no planning, one show, once only. A brand new monthly show from Wellington's newest improv company!

Created and performed by Christine Brooks (the bold one), Clare Kerrison (the thespian one), Matt Powell (the story one), and Jennifer O’Sullivan (the joyful one).

*Imagine if we were a single 100 year old improvisor.

Want more? Catch LATE NIGHT KNIFE FIGHT at 8pm right after One Act/Play,
and pay just $30 for both!