Fall head-first into a new Aotearoa republic as the country closes in on its first election scandal. The runaway candidate in this 2024 election, an ultraconservative woman, has been kidnapped. But who is behind it? And what do they want?

Prepare to be whisked into an alternate reality filled with uncannily familiar media frenzy, public scandal, and fake news politics.

ransom. has transformed BATS Theatre into a playground of scenarios from our potential future. It's a brand-new narrative experience unlike any other.


Chapel Perilous, A Mulled Whine + BATS Theatre present

The 2019 STAB Commission


Directed by Stella Reid + Neenah Dekkers-Reihana.
Created by Stella Reid, Neenah Dekkers-Reihana, Robbie Nicol + Finnius Teppett.
Production Design by Rose Kirkup.
Sound Design by Thomas Lambert.
Lighting Design by Elekis Poblete Teirney.
Costume Design by Sophie Sargent.

Featuring Moana Ete, Isadora Lao, Sepelini Mua'au, Jean Sergent, Ashleigh Williams, Hannah Kelly, Jake Brown, Stella Reid + Neenah Dekkers-Reihana.

Production Management by Phil Loizou.
Stage Management by Sam Tippet.
Produced by Eleanor Strathern.
Design Assist by Isadora Lao.
Made possible by Wellington creatives including Beth Taylor, Olivia Flanagan, Maxie Haufe, Marshall Rankin + Melanie van Bysterveldt.

Accessibility: As ransom. is a promenade performance, we regret that it is not suitable to those with accessibility concerns.