Karin and Arlo are friends. One is stronger; the other remembers their lines. 

Created by award-winning performance makers Karin McCracken and Meg Rollandi with Arlo Gibson and Julia Croft, Standard Acts is a new experimental theatre show that explores the nature of power and its effect on our lives, bodies and relationships. Two performers test dominance, competition and submission in an electric and comedic dissection of power in partnership. Smashing together physical contests, Dickens’ Great Expectations, stand-up, school-yard games and an eclectic soundtrack, Standard Acts considers how power shows up in the spaces we inhabit and the ideologies we rely on.

Hold for wrestling.

Created by Karin McCracken and Meg Rollandi with Arlo Gibson
Performed by Karin McCracken and Arlo Gibson
Performance Designer: Meg Rollandi
Director: Julia Croft
Sound Designer: Oliver Devlin
Lighting Designer: Elekis Poblete-Tierney