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27 September - 1 October

The Ghost Show


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27 Sep 7 PM   32 left
28 Sep 7 PM   44 left
29 Sep 7 PM   44 left
30 Sep 7 PM   44 left
1 Oct 7 PM   67 left

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Group 6+
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60 mins

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The Ghost Show

Presented By Oh That Theatre Company

Eliza is happy flatting with her best friend Violet. She’s just waiting for the perfect moment to tell Violet that she’s a little bit completely in love with her. But when a late night snack mission goes tragically awry, Eliza discovers that she and Violet have been sharing their flat with three ghosts - and she has just become the fourth. With the help of her newfound friends, ghostly powers, and some epic dance routines, Eliza must find the courage to confront her feelings before Violet moves out of the flat forever.
The Ghost Show, the queer comedy musical is BACK! And a must see.

The Ghost Show does anything but blend in... the songs themselves are a standout, all original, composed and written by Burton-Wood and Riordan, some of them touching, some of them super fun, but all servicing the show and giving their audience a great time.

Oh That Theatre Company is a new team of emerging artists passionate about theatre that reflects our own lives and experiences. Our kaupapa is to create stories that are joyful, whimsical and exciting, and that represent our identities and selves in positive and uplifting ways.

Directors: Viki Moananu & Olive Riordan

Producer: Viki Moananu

Writers: Lizzy Burton-Wood, Olive Riordan & Daisy Vahey Bourne

Composers: Lizzy Burton-Wood & Olive Riordan

Stage Manager: Daisy Vahey Bourne

Ass. SM: Stephanie David

Lighting Designer: Matilde Fursholm Vadseth

Sound Operator: Linda Dale

Performers: Jack Carroll, Lulu Harkness, Jak Mitchell, Morgan Delaney, Angela Pelham, Lizzy Burton-Wood, Josie Eastwood