The afterlife exists and everyone ends up in the same place – the Underworld. It’s hot, it’s overcrowded, and Death is a terrible overlord. Excess bureaucracy and red tape reigns as the situation gets worse and worse. Rufus, Gohzmeir and Penelope, a plucky bunch of newly-deads dissatisfied with their lot in death band together to overthrow their god to stop the endless supply of new dead people arriving and taking up space. But first, they must face various challenges and trials to reach their destination. Each of them must face their own personal demons, skeletons in the closet and versions of hellfire.

Dastardly Productions is a theatre company formed in 2020 with the aim of bringing fun, light-hearted theatre to the forefront of the Wellington theatre scene. Produced and directed by Jeremy Hunt, Too Many Dead People features the wonderful up-and-coming artists Olivia Chelmis, Bon Turner-Buchanan and Kealan Schmidt.