A movement meditation on what weaves women together

A body of water, a body of work, a work of bodies..
'Wisdom of Waters' is a surreal, serene and somatic exploration of many forgotten feminine figures. We are navigating the subliminal idealogies that linger in our cultural context, long after certain tales have been told. Join us as we emerge from the depths of the dark, wet earth, just below the horizon, to discover a new world we've built. Here, in this place, time warps and dreams blend in to beautiful reality. In a rolling series of ritual-like scenes, symbolic objects appear, evolve, dissolve and morph. We're finding new ways to speak here, accessing another language and activating primordial senses. Mitochondrial memory. Finding the essential. Somatic and serpent-like movement. Taking movement inspiration from visual art, the texture of clay, mythology and snakes; a dance between worlds.
Seeking what looms beyond, observing our landscape as it warps and weaves. Time is not linear here and light refracts through our spines.


Speaking Spines is an all-female collective, based in Pōneke/ Wellington. A team of 11 artists, from many disciplines, have come to together to collaborate on this creation