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25 - 29 October

Witchez B*tchez


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25 Oct 8 PM   11 left
26 Oct 8 PM   41 left
27 Oct 8 PM   41 left
28 Oct 8 PM   41 left
29 Oct 8 PM   41 left

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Group 6+
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You may have noticed our new ticket type 'The Difference'!

‘The Difference’ ticket type is for those who CAN afford more and WANT more money to go directly to our artists. At $40 per ticket ‘The Difference’ ticket does what it says it does - makes a bloody big difference to the sustainability of our artists careers.

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50 mins

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Witchez B*tchez

Presented by Tempest Theatre Co

Witch, please! Hosts Absinthe (Emma Maguire) and Grenadine (Talia Carlisle) are here to bring you a supernatural talkshow that's simply un-boo-lievable.
Completely improvised and with a new special guest each night - are you up with all the hottest gossip in Skellington? What about Bootown or Hellson? Well, you soon will be.
Born out of Late Night Knife Fight 2022, this new full-length show unites veteran and emerging improvisers in a show that's wholeheartedly out of this world.
We're just dying to meet you.

Heartfelt enjoyment, the audience walks away with a satisfied smile.

Tempest Theatre Co is a theatre company from Pōneke, specialising in diverse and chaotic work. This is their fourth show at BATS.