Comedy Gold Cocked and ReLoaded

Comedy Gold Cocked and ReLoaded

Grab your cowboy hats and let us take you back to the West - the Wild Wild West. Comedy Gold, makers of ‘When Booty Calls’ and ‘When Booty Calls: The Rebooty’ are back at BATS Theatre restaging their once before seen show Cocked and Loaded. This season of Cocked and ReLoaded will be on at BATS Theatre, 7:30pm 18-22 April.

Comedy Gold’s most recent season of Cocked and Loaded was unfortunately canceled after just one performance due to Covid-19. Luckily this posse will not let the plague ruin their rodeo! They are rootin-tootin ready to get back on the horse for this ReLoaded season.

Cocked and ReLoaded plays on the ‘thistownaintbigenoughforthetwoofus’ Western Genre, subverting Western tropes while playing up the best of cowboy comedy. Burn the breeze with them as they bring you action-comedy-romance, all the gags, romance, fighting, whips, the whole shebang.

Restaging Director, Katie Hill speaks to the show; “Comedy Gold’s Cocked and ReLoaded is devised character comedy and its most true. Created and written in the room by some of Wellington’s best emerging comic actors - it’s pure, simple rootin-tootin entertainment that’s sure to pull you away from the world for an hour and fifteen minutes”

Saddle up for Comedy Gold’s trademark physical comedy, fight choreography and sharp wit; this season is set to be sharper than their spurs. Fight Choreographer and Performer Nina Hogg says “It’s a high energy, action-packed rollercoaster operated by several idiots and a lot of beans”. Leaving behind those ‘deeper meanings’ Comedy Gold are ready to entertain you with good ol’ fashioned comedy.

Buckle up and mosey on down