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Well, we need your love more than ever!

♥️ BATS is a charitable trust so every donation you make is tax deductible. You can claim back 33.3 cents for every dollar you donate! ♥️

The best thing you can do for BATS right now is to sign up for monthly giving. It can be as little as $5 a month, the cost of a coffee ☕. You've clearly got a crush on BATS, how ‘bout Going Steady with us!

A monthly donation will not only keep fees low for theatre makers and ticket prices affordable but it will contribute to keeping BATS Theatre’s doors open.

With the after affects of covid still being felt, a two month closure for much needed building maintenance and a cost of living crisis has meant BATS needs your help.

If making a one-off donation towards the upkeep of lighting equipment is more your vibe, how ‘bout Turning BATS On with a major donation. Or you may have a Crush on BATS and want to support us with a small one off donation?

Whatever your donation, it’s helping BATS support the 1,000 artists who work at BATS every year.

Don't wanna use your credit card? Easy.

Direct deposit and set up an auto-payment in to the BATS account


Please name your donation so it's easy for us to find and let us know about your recurring donation by emailing: [email protected]

Knife Fight Banner.png
Late Night Knife Fight Improv
Maeve_OConnell-40 (1).jpg
UNDOING - Presented by House of Sand - 27th - 30th July 2023
Photography by Maeve O'Connell
Dr Drama Makes a Musical_Maeve O’Connell-12.jpg
James Wenley starring in Dr Drama Makes a Musical Presented by Theatre of Love - Show Dates 19th - 23rd September 2023
Photography by Maeve O'Connell