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16 Feb - 9 Mar

New Zealand Fringe Festival 2024

New Zealand Fringe Festival 2024

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5 - 6 Mar

Everyone's Got An Errol

Errol is that mate with no ambitions, no opinions, no skills. So why, you may ask, is he all of a sudden standing up for himself? Who put that idea in his head.

5 - 9 Mar

The Wave of the Woman

The Wave of the Woman invites Indigenous women to explore their inner-selves and the world she exists in, in a safe space.

5 - 9 Mar


Unmasking incel ideology, 'blackpill' breaks down the pipeline from online extremism to real-life terror.

7 - 9 Mar

The Butterfly Who Flew Into The Rave

A spectacle of pure endurance. A victim to music, a victim to passion, a victim to our endless desire to achieve more. To win and win again.

19 - 23 Mar

It Came From Beyond The Script

Embark on a cinematic journey in this high-production value, improvised horror-comedy, evoking the eerie charm of mid-century horror films. Experience the perfect blend of spine-tingling atmosphere and genuine laughs in a production like no other.

19 - 28 Mar


"Maku e puri i te toiora o ā tātou nei tamariki" - Her promise for us.

19 - 21 Apr


A contemporary retelling of the ancient myth of Helios and the fall of Phaeton.

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