Quantum Tangerine returns to the stage after a successful season at NZ Fringe 2022

Quantum Tangerine

Produced by Grace Lewis and Grace Wiegand in collaboration with Jane Smolira.

A cat, a box, and a radioactive orange. Worlds collide in this projection art and dance show, which creatively explores just what Schrodinger’s cat got up to in purgatory.

Quantum Tangerine returns to the stage after a successful season at NZ Fringe, nominated for Most Innovative work and winning the Parkin Award. The fantastical territories of this piece have expanded for its second iteration at BATS theatre from 14th - 18th February 2023.

The two Graces spontaneously drew together the concept of Quantum Tangerine from a shared love for science and a desire to combine their motion practices. Entangling animation with contemporary dance has produced a delightfully dark work and unique multimedia experience which brings to life an invisible world. With the addition of dancer Jane Smolira, the team is excited to ponder questions of perception, existence, citrus, and life itself through this DADA-inspired piece.

Audiences will be thrust into an atmospheric space where surreal possibilities can escape the imagination. We invite you not just to witness the wonder but become a part of it, with the opportunity to play and paint within the set at the end of the show. This ecstatic event is not one to be missed. Catch the magic by booking your tickets with BATS Theatre.

Photo by Min Elliot Isles