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13 - 16 September

Ātete | Resistance | ചെറുത്തുനില്പ്


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60 mins

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Ātete | Resistance | ചെറുത്തുനില്പ്

Performed by Swaroopa Unni
She moves like a valley river does, placid and serene on the surface, but with strength and unswerving, powerful currents underneath.
Hannah Molloy, Theatreview

Witness the power of resistance in this mesmerising dance-theatre performance.

Ātete | Resistance | ചെറുത്തുനില്പ് is a solo dance theatre choreographed by Swaroopa Prameela Unni exploring a woman’s right to bodily autonomy within the Indian community of New Zealand. One in every 4 women in New Zealand experience family violence. Women from Indian ethnicity are part of this statistic but very little is known about the challenges they face; not just from the patriarchal culture, but also the shame and stigma attached to it as well. These women’s bodies become a site for violence in every form– emotional, physical, financial and sexual. They become a site where power is contested and negotiated.

Ātete is choreographed in Mohiniyattam, a South Indian Dance form, known for its portrayal of ideal womanhood and Swaroopa will juxtapose how this very concept shaped the pattern of violence on women’s bodies. Ātete will use spoken words, movements and digital media to narrate the stories of women who resisted against the system.

ചെറുത്തുനില്പ് (cheruthunilpu) means resistance in Malayalam, the language spoken mainly in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

Content warning

Mentions of gender violence.

Creative Team

Concept, production and Choreography - Swaroopa Prameela Unni
Music - Jyolsna Panicker, Sandeep Pillai
Lighting and Sound and Tech design - Stephen Kilroy

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