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13 - 16 September

Suitcase Show – development showing


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30 mins

Suitcase Show – development showing

PRESENTED BY Trick of the Light Theatre

Trick of the Light Theatre (The Bookbinder, Tröll, The Griegol) are renowned for crafting inventive shows and intricate narratives. They are building their latest work, Suitcase Show, through a series of modular work-in-progress showings. After outings at Lōemis and NZ Fringe, join them at TAHI Festival as they unpack another story.

Suitcase Show is inspired by ideas of lone and lonely travellers, of carrying your home, and of odysseys of travel in a post-pandemic world. The tone is dark and spiky, the aesthetic is diverse. Previous showings have ranged from from lo-fi light and shadowplay to wireless projection, from a departure lounge dance between two disembodied hands to a narrated story that crackles from a 1970s stereo suitcase.

Content forecast

Flashing Lights

Creative Team

Hannah Smith - Creator / Director

Ralph McCubbin Howell - Performer

Tane Upjohn-Beatson - Composer

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TAHI Festival is an annual celebration of solo theatre. From 6 - 16 September 2023 soloists from around the nation - from established to emerging practitioners - will gather in Pōneke to present work, collaborate and make connections across the industry. 2023 marks the fifth year of TAHI Festival, so come and join the fun with some of the best solo theatre Aotearoa has to offer!

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In a dark image lit with a red light, a hand grips the handle of a large, retro briefcase. On the briefcase are written the words: 'Suitcase Show'. The image sits with a bright green border.
Photo by Rebekah de Roo. Design by Aimee Sullivan