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2 - 6 May

Ted Talks Crimes


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60 mins

Ted Talks Crimes

Presented By Dastardly Productions

On the outside, Ted had it all - money, power, and influence. As one of the top ranking gangsters for the most powerful crime family in New York City, he was untouchable. Invaluable to the mob, his slick, strong and persistent fingers could tickle protection money out of anyone. He was the golden boy of the Nonzerelli crime family. He was Ted the Tickler.

Until one day, it hit him like a fish to the back of the head. Was this really the mark he wanted to leave on this world? Was he going to spend the rest of his life tickling for The Mob? Or will he create his own legacy? Perhaps by taking down the most powerful crime family in New York City…

So begins a mile-a-minute tale of soul-searching, revenge and deadly bananas. Will Ted be able to tickle his way out of this one?

The award-winning Dastardly Productions brings this absurd and joyous comedy back to BATS Theatre. It’s The Godfather if The Godfather involved tickling. An epic crime caper for the ages!

Brilliantly conceived, worded and delivered.
Margaret Austin, Theatreview
Content Warning

Coarse language


Creative Team

Writer & Performer - Jeremy Hunt

Director - Emma Katene

Production Designer - Kate Anderson

Producer & Publicist - Tyler Clarke

Sound Designer - Ben Kelly

Creative Consult - Ricky Dey