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"I did a show at BATS" Tote Back
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Bags - Get your BATS tote bag for yourself or your theatre loving pal - Carry your stuff, and support BATS and the BATS Theatre community. Will this help the new generation of artists in Aotearoa? Totes!

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The perfect gift doesn't exi...


Give the gift of live art and joy!

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Switch Your Spend


BATS receives 50% of the profit if you buy your EcoStore and Only Good products on the Switch Your Spend website. This is a cool and groovy way to support BATS while you do your shopping! LOVE BATS and love being a sparkly clean eco warrior? Switch Your Spend. Buy your NZ made, cruelty free stuff just like any other online store then select BATS Theatre as your good cause at the checkout - then boom shucka - 50% of the profits straight to BATS!

Come to a BATS Show

Coming to a show at BATS makes you an important part of our vibrant passionate beautiful dynamic community. 85% of your ticket price goes to the artists of that particular show. You are literally supporting those creatives! The remainder of your ticket price goes straight to BATS so that we can support more artists to make more beautiful work in our spaces; what a virtuous circle!

BATS sees an average of well over 30,000 people through its doors a year! With an ever increasing number of people enjoying a BATS experience digitally and hundreds of artists taking part, you and your business could be part of the more than 30,000 strong BATS whānau. There are so many ways we can support you with fun and inclusive partnerships including naming rights of performance spaces and event hosting. Love BATS? Get in touch with our partnerships manager Lyndee-Jane to discuss opportunities that will work for you.