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A celebration of solo artists, TAHI is a ten-day Festival from 8-17 September dedicated to showcasing the finest and most engaging solo performances from all around Aotearoa. Explore the programme


On now

5 - 8 Jul
opening night


The teaching of New Zealand’s own history has long been neglected. Noho seeks to tautoko authentic stories from Aotearoa’s history so we can learn from our past rather than hide from it.

5 - 9 Jul
opening night

Dying Swanologues

Welcome to the wonderful world of Adult Ballet. Dying Swanologues follows the journey of five mature bunheads. Ranging in age from 22-62, five dancers are brought together by their need to feel and express themselves through music.Together they dance

7 Jul

Fresh Off The Page

Live script-reading: 'Fox and Melon Princess’ by Sachie Mikawa - A girl born out of a giant melon, a modern-day woman and a fox in search of “Incandescent” lights collide when a horrific event repeats across time and space.

9 Jul

One Act/Play

Four actors, one act, no script. In One Act/Play, the Locomotive team creates a unique, improvised play for you, right now. Will it be touching? Hilarious? Dramatic and heartfelt? Very likely, but you’ll only find out by being there.

Coming up

14 - 17 Jul

The Boy with Wings

Award-winning Birdlife Productions promise laughter, tears and thrilling adventure in this exquisite feather-filled puppet and music show for ages 5 and up, and the miracle of Kuaka/Godwit migration dares us to dream!

14 - 17 Jul

Box of Birds

Using exquisite puppetry and live songs, this story introduces young children to the idea of supporting our precious manu and the different needs they may have.

14 - 23 Jul

Burrowers - or; the Secret Society of Notable Nuisances

In the heart of Old Maple park Under the Oldest Maplest tree Far below the whirlybirds Down and down the burrow Among the jam jars Three sets of sticky paw-prints trail And weave among the bookspires In the wake of childhood’s gloaming Now we

15 - 23 Jul

Loops (Cancelled)

A multi-disciplinary performance piece about the frustrations and repercussions of trying to make a career in the arts.

17 Jul

Windswept Poetry Slam

Two qualifying slams. Six spots at the regional finals up for grabs. 5 random audience judges. Who wins? You decide! (Koha Entry)

19 - 21 Jul

Shift Your Paradigm (No Chairs Required)

It's your worst nightmare realised; a multilevel marketing conference coming apart at the seams and you're invited!

27 - 30 Jul


Undo to Begin. UNDOING is a dance manifestation of abandonment, initiation and poetry brought to you by award winning contemporary performance company House of Sand.

29 Jul

Tiny Dog

All comedy, no bite

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About BATS

From a gorgeous three level repurposed historic building we nurture creative talent and showcase exciting new NZ performance. Our buzzing year-round programme is an alternative mash-up of theatre, dance, improv, stand-up, and experimental work.

​We partner in the development of exciting and bold performance. Through the meeting of digital and live art, bolstering BATS as a hub of creativity and showcasing diverse festival activity we support career sustainability and wellbeing for all.

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We aim to make visiting BATS as easy as possible for everyone. If you need support with access, audio, visual needs, or with reserving an easy access seat in the theatre we encourage you to contact us prior to your visit and discuss your individual needs with our friendly Box Office team.

Put on a show

Putting on a show at BATS is a pretty sweet deal. We spend more supporting our shows than we make back with our low venue fees. That’s alright by us though, we exist to support emerging artists and showcase new NZ performance!

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