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This chrissie, a naughty, hilarious and bizarre take on the classic nativity story hits BATS Theatre from renowned comedy group, PopRox!

A totally improvised rendition on the story of Christmas itself is on the cards as PopRox, with your help, retell the story of the birth of the saviour without knowing a bloody thing about it.

It's silly, it's fun and it's a heck of a lot raunchier than Sunday service with your Nan.


On now

8 Dec

Fresh off the Page: Geoff, the Chicken

Contemporary plays hot off the press, performed in a series of FREE play-readings by Asian Pōneke-based artists. These play-reads are written, read and directed by Asian practitioners.

Coming up

12 - 16 Dec

A Very PopRox Christmas

Three men, a virgin, and a baby. You know the story- they don’t! This Christmas, PopRox improvises their way through the nativity story. This ain’t Sunday service with Nan.

12 - 13 Dec

We Wrote This

Presented by Voice Arts

17 - 20 Jan


Limbo is an original, modern Kiwi adaptation of 1300s epic poem, Dante's Inferno. As washed-up comedian David Noble peels back the layers of wrongs never righted, he is forced to confront the sins of his past to better his future.

17 - 20 Jan

The Lobster

The 2015 award-winning absurdist black comedy film ‘The Lobster’, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, comes to life in this first-of-its-kind stage adaptation, where monogamous romance is mandatory and violently enforced.

24 - 27 Jan

At The Altar

The wedding decorations are to die for.

24 - 27 Jan


A new developing theatre show that explores spirituality, religion and faith though a modern Pasifika lens.

31 Jan - 3 Feb


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31 Jan - 3 Feb

Kia Ora Khalid

Featuring a cast of 16 children in a heart-pounding children’s opera that crosses continents, offering lessons from historical refugee stories.

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From a gorgeous three level repurposed historic building we nurture creative talent and showcase exciting new NZ performance. Our buzzing year-round programme is an alternative mash-up of theatre, dance, improv, stand-up, and experimental work.

​We partner in the development of exciting and bold performance. Through the meeting of digital and live art, bolstering BATS as a hub of creativity and showcasing diverse festival activity we support career sustainability and wellbeing for all.

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