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We're excited for you all to experience this amazing line-up. To help you see as many shows as possible, we're introducing the BATS "All-Nighter-Ticket" this year. Simply pick a date, and you can see all of the shows scheduled to perform at BATS that night for $60. 

See individual show pages for access to this deal or CLICK HERE.


On now

16 Feb - 9 Mar

New Zealand Fringe Festival 2024

New Zealand Fringe Festival 2024

Coming up

5 - 6 Mar

Everyone's Got An Errol

Errol is that mate with no ambitions, no opinions, no skills. So why, you may ask, is he all of a sudden standing up for himself? Who put that idea in his head.

5 - 9 Mar

The Wave of the Woman

The Wave of the Woman invites Indigenous women to explore their inner-selves and the world she exists in, in a safe space.

5 - 9 Mar


Unmasking incel ideology, 'blackpill' breaks down the pipeline from online extremism to real-life terror.

7 - 9 Mar

The Butterfly Who Flew Into The Rave

A spectacle of pure endurance. A victim to music, a victim to passion, a victim to our endless desire to achieve more. To win and win again.

19 - 23 Mar

It Came From Beyond The Script

Embark on a cinematic journey in this high-production value, improvised horror-comedy, evoking the eerie charm of mid-century horror films. Experience the perfect blend of spine-tingling atmosphere and genuine laughs in a production like no other.

19 - 28 Mar


"Maku e puri i te toiora o ā tātou nei tamariki" - Her promise for us.

19 - 21 Apr


A contemporary retelling of the ancient myth of Helios and the fall of Phaeton.

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About BATS

From a gorgeous three level repurposed historic building we nurture creative talent and showcase exciting new NZ performance. Our buzzing year-round programme is an alternative mash-up of theatre, dance, improv, stand-up, and experimental work.

​We partner in the development of exciting and bold performance. Through the meeting of digital and live art, bolstering BATS as a hub of creativity and showcasing diverse festival activity we support career sustainability and wellbeing for all.

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We aim to make visiting BATS as easy as possible for everyone. If you need support with access, audio, visual needs, or with reserving an easy access seat in the theatre we encourage you to contact us prior to your visit and discuss your individual needs with our friendly Box Office team.

Put on a show

Putting on a show at BATS is a pretty sweet deal. We spend more supporting our shows than we make back with our low venue fees. That’s alright by us though, we exist to support emerging artists and showcase new NZ performance!

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