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5 - 8 Jul
opening night


The teaching of New Zealand’s own history has long been neglected. Noho seeks to tautoko authentic stories from Aotearoa’s history so we can learn from our past rather than hide from it.

5 - 9 Jul
opening night

Dying Swanologues

Welcome to the wonderful world of Adult Ballet. Dying Swanologues follows the journey of five mature bunheads. Ranging in age from 22-62, five dancers are brought together by their need to feel and express themselves through music.Together they dance

7 Jul

Fresh Off The Page

Live script-reading: 'Fox and Melon Princess’ by Sachie Mikawa - A girl born out of a giant melon, a modern-day woman and a fox in search of “Incandescent” lights collide when a horrific event repeats across time and space.

9 Jul

One Act/Play

Four actors, one act, no script. In One Act/Play, the Locomotive team creates a unique, improvised play for you, right now. Will it be touching? Hilarious? Dramatic and heartfelt? Very likely, but you’ll only find out by being there.

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14 - 17 Jul

The Boy with Wings

Award-winning Birdlife Productions promise laughter, tears and thrilling adventure in this exquisite feather-filled puppet and music show for ages 5 and up, and the miracle of Kuaka/Godwit migration dares us to dream!

14 - 17 Jul

Box of Birds

Using exquisite puppetry and live songs, this story introduces young children to the idea of supporting our precious manu and the different needs they may have.

14 - 23 Jul

Burrowers - or; the Secret Society of Notable Nuisances

In the heart of Old Maple park Under the Oldest Maplest tree Far below the whirlybirds Down and down the burrow Among the jam jars Three sets of sticky paw-prints trail And weave among the bookspires In the wake of childhood’s gloaming Now we

15 - 23 Jul

Loops (Cancelled)

A multi-disciplinary performance piece about the frustrations and repercussions of trying to make a career in the arts.

17 Jul

Windswept Poetry Slam

Two qualifying slams. Six spots at the regional finals up for grabs. 5 random audience judges. Who wins? You decide! (Koha Entry)

19 - 21 Jul

Shift Your Paradigm (No Chairs Required)

It's your worst nightmare realised; a multilevel marketing conference coming apart at the seams and you're invited!

27 - 30 Jul


Undo to Begin. UNDOING is a dance manifestation of abandonment, initiation and poetry brought to you by award winning contemporary performance company House of Sand.

29 Jul

Tiny Dog

All comedy, no bite

9 - 13 Aug

Celestial Nobodies

Celestial Nobodies is a comical cosmic mixtape exploring the universal struggles of personified planets.

11 - 20 Aug

Man Lessons: The Live Show

Over the past six years, a feature length documentary has been in production following Adam Rohe’s transition. Now – you are invited behind-the-scenes. A visually stunning, live exposé adventure into an already intimate and earnest film.

16 - 20 Aug

Trojan War

Like a wild dress-up party, this show combines theatrical magic, twisted pop songs and explosive wit. The most charming performers you can hope to meet play a revolving repertoire of outrageous characters.

17 - 20 Aug


Seven boys, one flat, high stakes, no oven, lots of drugs? Grumpy landlord, looming eviction, where’s Ben Snappy one liner, too dusty, can’t write, see show…

23 - 27 Aug

Midnight Confessions

When the sun sets, the real girl talk begins...

23 - 27 Aug

In Blind Faith

A queer, diverse Faustian tale set in the New Zealand goldfields, where not all that glitters is gold...

27 Aug

Late Night Knife Fight

The improv show where three teams face off in a battle for glory, honour, and the audience's favour. The winner returns in the headline spot next month, while the losers wail and gnash their teeth…

30 Aug - 3 Sep

Book Addict by Annie Ruth

Journeys, transformations, adventures and misadventures - books and life intertwine in stories that veer from funny to tragic, dangerous to joyous, always the unvarnished truth.

1 - 3 Sep

Captain Caketin's Special Recipe

Unbutton your pants for Captain Caketin's Best of Sketch Comedy Show

2 Sep

Fresh Off The Page

Fresh Off the Page is contemporary Asian plays hot off the press, performed in a series of free play readings by Pōneke-based artists. Written by Asian practitioners, read by Asian practitioners, directed by Asian practitioners.

3 Sep

One Act Play

Four actors, one act, no script. In One Act/Play, the Locomotive team creates a unique, improvised play for you, right now. Will it be touching? Hilarious? Dramatic and heartfelt? Very likely, but you’ll only find out by being there.

8 - 10 Sep


A poignant and powerful exploration of the human condition featuring masterful puppetry and mask.

8 - 10 Sep

Confessions of a Sleepwalking Insomniac

A brand new full-length solo show by award-winning playwright Helen Vivienne Fletcher.

8 - 10 Sep


A brand new collection of monologues by six female and non-binary playwrights around the theme of Joy.

8 - 17 Sep

Tahi Festival 2022

TAHI - New Zealand Festival of Solo Performance is an organisation in Wellington that supports the curation and showcasing of New Zealand’s highest quality solo performance.

9 - 10 Sep

The Emperor's New Clothes

A high-risk, high-reward dance show not for the faint of heart.

10 Sep

Captain Festus McBoyle - The Prose and Cons

A family-friendly tale of adventure from a Punk Rock Pirate.

11 Sep

Party Pigs!

Surprise – it’s one little piggy’s birthday!

13 - 15 Sep


Six emerging artists.

14 - 15 Sep

Colour Me Cecily

A fabulous flashback to the colourful life of and times of Upper Hutt in the 80s.

14 - 15 Sep

The Changing Shed

An energetic insight into growing up gay in rural New Zealand.

14 - 15 Sep

Agents Provocateurs

A theatrical cabaret celebrating infamous femme spies throughout history.

16 - 17 Sep

He Māori?

A comedic, musical exploration into the absurdity of being both the colonised and coloniser in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

16 - 17 Sep

First Buzzard at the Body

An experimental vocal and musical performance about death, capitalism, and birds.

16 - 17 Sep

Gag Reflex: A Scandalous Solo Show

A Scandalous Solo Show by Rachel Atlas featuring world-class stunts and a heart-warming feminist story.

16 - 17 Sep

The Shit Kid

A physical, funny, and distinctly kiwi solo show by award-winning writer and comedian Sarah Harpur.

20 - 24 Sep

Drop Dead Gorgeous - A Drag Murder Miss-tery

The Les Femmes queens are back and this time they are serving high drama in this dragged out murder mystery romp.

20 - 24 Sep

Fala Muncher

Fala Muncher presents a short and sharp series of solo monologues that will have your tongue in a twist and your panties soaking wet - yaaaassss bitches! It’s the naughty ‘L Word' with a splash of lime and coconut juice!

22 Sep

Fresh Off The Page

Fresh Asian plays hot off the press, performed in a series of free play readings by Pōneke-based artists. Written, read and directed by Asian practitioners. Presenting: "Soul Sister" by Caryl Loria Illana.

27 Sep - 1 Oct

The Ghost Show

A new queer comedy musical about the perils of love, cheap secondhand toasters, and waiting until it’s too late.

28 Sep - 1 Oct


Be the extra in the background, enjoy a voyeuristic look into the city and watch as the comedy, tragedy and drama of daily life unfolds around you.

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