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25 - 29 Jan

The Princess and the Knight

With trouble lurking around every corner, how will Princess Ada and Prince Lysander ever have the wedding of their dreams?!

25 - 29 Jan

Paper Jam

Sal is stuck in a rut. A boring cycle of get up, go to work, go home, go to sleep. Up, work, home, sleep. Upworkhomesleepupworkhomesleep. Her job is an endless sea of pointless data entry and double handling.

25 - 29 Jan

You'd Look So Pretty If

You’d Look So Pretty If, a devised show from Stain Your Brain Productions, is set to debut this year as a part of the Six Degrees Festival.

25 Jan - 5 Feb

Six Degrees Festival

Six Degrees celebrates dynamic and engaging theatre, movement, or podcast events created by Master's students from VUW's Master of Fine Arts in Creative Practice. Whether fun, quirky, serious, or thought-provoking, there's entertainment guaranteed.

27 Jan - 5 Feb

Listen to This: Live Podcasts

Six live podcast shows! Each night a different show! Live music! Lots of Cables! We'll be having a cozy time of it in the Studio at BATS with a whole heaping of good vibes and audio goodness! Can’t make it in person? Catch us on the livestream!

1 - 5 Feb

Ugly Lies the Bone

War trauma defines returning soldier Jess's life. To escape her pain, she begins experimental virtual reality therapy where she builds a breathtaking world and slowly repairs wounds past and present as she heal her relationships, her life and herself

1 - 5 Feb


Two women find out one big secret. Uncover the layers of mystery in the Wright household and find out who got their just desserts.

10 - 12 Feb

Third Party - The Debut

Third Party – The Debut presents the improvisational stylings of Improv Connection's most experienced performers.

16 - 20 Feb

Sublime Interludes

Sublime Interludes is an acknowledgement of the highs and lows we experience as humans, the breath between fear and release.

18 - 20 Feb

The Anti

WOOHOO! Rescheduled from Covid times! Wellington Young Actors premiere their short devised plays. Winners of Spectacular Organised Chaos (Puberty: The Musical, NZFringe 2020)

19 - 20 Feb


Meet A.i "Humans" in Virtual Reality - can you tell the difference? A fun mix of immersive art & psych research

22 - 24 Feb


A multi-disciplinary performance piece about the frustrations and repercussions of trying to make a career in the arts, explored through live sound & aerial art. For the artists who are stuck in a loop and are not sure how to break out.

22 - 24 Feb

Presenting...The Tiwhas

Jthan Morgan fronts Wellington's new favourite drag girl group, The Tiwhas. Made up of local takatāpui performers, The Tiwhas, are here to slay - performing hit songs with live vocals and choreography.

22 - 25 Feb

Being Prey

A solo show about watching yourself being eaten alive. Come along on this potentially-dangerous-possibly-moving-definitely-mad romp of a show as we attempt to unpack the limits of our humanity in the face of death. Inspired by a true blue story.

22 - 24 Feb

Breakfast Time

Some ingredients just don’t go well together - Breakfast Time is a multimedia project; you are invited to watch a short film, as two step siblings cook breakfast the morning after a hasty wedding.

25 - 26 Feb

Back to Square One?

The Rebel Alliance invites you into 95 year old Inga's living room in Denmark as she reaches out through space and time to her grandson in New Zealand. It's theatre, but only just!

25 Feb - 1 Mar

As Seen on TV

Please Laugh presents a new sketch comedy show that answers all your questions: Why can’t you point the boom mic upwards? How do I become a billionaire businessman? Why doesn’t Mr. Potato Head have a plastic dick? We have the answers.

25 - 27 Feb

I Know You, Fish

The combination of sharks, idioms, fish flakes, nightclub bathrooms, thoughts, feelings, and words that make up Genoveva: Spoiler alert: she’s a fish. Maybe after this, you’ll understand why.

26 - 27 Feb

The Ghost Show

A new queer comedy musical about the perils of love, cheap secondhand toasters, and waiting until it’s too late.

27 Feb - 2 Mar

Scraggs O'Possum & the Penultimate Hitch

You can't hitch 35,000km across 3 continents without having a few stories to tell. Join Scraggs O'Possum, hitchhiking extraordinaire, as they share tales of tribulation, triumph, and all-around temerarious behaviour on the road. Thumbs out, baby!

1 - 3 Mar

Shift Your Paradigm - No Chairs Required

Want more out of life? Sick of lower back pain? Well, in just one hour I’ll teach you a whole new way to sit. Doctors hate me, and chiropractors fear me; I’m making them redundant.

1 - 3 Mar


Hello darling, it’s awfully nice to see you. I have a bit of a naughty story to tell you. Something just a little bit cheeky before you pop off to bed. People don’t realise that I was so much more than Peter Pan’s damsel in distress...

2 - 3 Mar

H.Y.P.E - How You Perceive Energy

Can you see the energy created by the strength and vitality sustained through physical movement? In this world, we are pursuing an emotive journey through energies created by music and physical movement.

3 - 6 Mar

Boys Wake Up

What happens when you mix four highschool lads, too much to drink, and the Rimutaka Hills? Boys Wake Up! addresses the 40% of fatal road accidents involving alcohol and drugs, the high numbers of youth involved in these accidents.

4 - 11 Mar


A fun, fast-paced improvised show, where chance will not only determine the shape of relationships, but also the space where the improvisors perform!

4 - 6 Mar

Music Sounds Better Out Here

At age 19, Robert McGee walked from Wellington to Auckland. Three years later, Robert's realised he was manufacturing his own coming of age story. Armed with a pedal powered treadmill, he's taking us back up the highway to try and figure it out.

4 - 9 Mar


An experimental solo exploring duality; what it means to simultaneously be predator and prey, and how we can use that duality for personal betterment. Physical, energetic, it's narrative is aesthetically and metaphorically based.

5 - 6 Mar


Agnes. 26. Millienial Māori. Talking to a kehua. Seeking transcendence. Poetry, verbatim, waiata. Bless Up

5 - 12 Mar

Maximum Benefit

Your favourite two best pals are back to take you on a completely improvised comedy journey through the interweaving lives of made-up characters.

6 - 10 Mar

The King of Taking (Development)

A royal physical comedy so new it's not finished. The King of Taking at BATS is a development season for a new work by Kallo Collective and Thom Monckton.

8 - 9 Mar


*whisper* Hello little peaches. Welcome back to my channel. It’s Letitia Lickkit... lick it. Discover your Tingle Immunity at this new fruity bouffon comedy about ASMR by award winning actor Amy Atkins.

8 - 10 Mar


"Sonder. The sudden realisation that every person lives a life as complex as your own." Be the extra in the coffee shop, the onlooker on the street. Follow what interests you and witness everything daily life has to offer.

10 - 12 Mar

This is NOT Musical Theatre

I'm writing a comedy-revue for the festival - a work in progress, if you will - but I need feedback. I’m rehearsing with India and the band later; please come! You hate musicals? DEFINITELY come.

10 - 12 Mar

Smash it Bro

For a devastating comedy, with frightfully hilarious twists and turns, come and experience Smash It Bro! A show that follows two deadbeat friends who shortly after entering, find themselves locked in a shed.

11 - 12 Mar

Stranded Pieces

An experimental dance work exploring the unsteady and conflicted space we are in during this time of isolated crisis. Striving to connect the 'stranded pieces' through innate and holistic efforts. Inspired by Matt Pine's relation to land in his work.

17 - 26 Mar


Join Moko on her quest to discover the truth of her origin story, and help her to stay on the path to becoming the wahine toa she was born to be.

18 Mar

Doom & Bloom - Cockatrice

When comedy duo Doom & Bloom combine audience members' stories and bring them to life, there's no telling what the resulting hybrid will be – other than unexpected, hilarious, and quite possibly touching.

18 Mar

Tiny Dog

Tiny Dog is Te Whanganui-a-Tara’s ferce new improv company. Expect the unexpected with a night of fast and loose improvised comedy. Come along and see some of Wellington’s top-of-their-game comedians at their silliest.

19 Mar

Late Night Knife Fight

Late Night Knife Fight is the monthly improv battle where three teams face off in a fight for glory, honour, and the audience's favour. The winner returns in the headline spot next month; the losers wail and gnash their teeth.

22 - 26 Mar

Miss Brontë

Inspired by the letters and novels of Charlotte Brontë, Miss Brontë tells a story of ambition, forbidden love and the bond of family.

29 Mar - 1 Apr

Dr Drama Makes a Show

When Dr Drama makes a show, expect the unconventional. Using comedic storytelling, multimedia & dance, James Wenley unpacks masculinity, performance & whiteness. Enrol now for an intellectually stimulating and thoroughly entertaining academic journey

30 Mar - 2 Apr

Dr Drama Makes a Show With You

Learn about the social origins of dramatic performance, browse Dr Drama’s collection of theatre programmes, and collaborate with fellow audience members to create your own unique performance. A fun and highly interactive theatre experience.

30 Mar - 2 Apr

Jez and Jace

Bring your Speights and your mates for this fucking banger of a show. Jez & Jace will take you on a journey through the highs and lows of a white bogan’s life. Featuring performances from Nina Hogg, Megan Connolly and directed by Austin Harrison.


7 Dec - 22 Jan

Sapphic Lake - On Demand

Gender isn't real, but love is. A new comic queer ballet based on the Ancient Greek myth of Iphis and Ianthe. From the creators of The Slutcracker and Galathea: Into The Bush.

23 Dec - 31 Jan

Bridges Digital

We asked six of Aotearoa’s most exciting writers to respond to the question: how can we bridge the gaps widening around us? What happens if we don’t? The following is the result of our online experiments! This is ‘Digital Theatre’, buckle in.

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