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11 - 20 Aug

Man Lessons: The Live Show

Over the past six years, a feature length documentary has been in production following Adam Rohe’s transition. Now – you are invited behind-the-scenes. A visually stunning, live exposé adventure into an already intimate and earnest film.

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16 - 20 Aug

Trojan War

Like a wild dress-up party, this show combines theatrical magic, twisted pop songs and explosive wit. The most charming performers you can hope to meet play a revolving repertoire of outrageous characters.

17 - 20 Aug


Seven boys, one flat, high stakes, no oven, lots of drugs? Grumpy landlord, looming eviction, where’s Ben? Snappy one liner, too dusty, can’t write, see show...

23 - 27 Aug

Midnight Confessions

When the sun sets, the real girl talk begins...

23 - 27 Aug

In Blind Faith

A queer, diverse Faustian tale set in the New Zealand goldfields, where not all that glitters is gold...

27 Aug

One Act/Play

Four actors, one act, no script. In One Act/Play, the Locomotive team creates a unique, improvised play for you, right now. Will it be touching? Hilarious? Dramatic and heartfelt? Very likely, but you’ll only find out by being there.

30 Aug - 3 Sep

Book Addict by Annie Ruth

Journeys, transformations, adventures and misadventures - books and life intertwine in stories that veer from funny to tragic, dangerous to joyous, always the unvarnished truth.

1 Sep

Tiny Dog

Each month, Te Whanganui-a-Tara’s fierce new improv company will be bringing you fast and loose improvised comedy. Come along for a night of some of Wellington’s most top-of-their-game comedians at their most silly.

1 - 3 Sep

Captain Caketin's Special Recipe

Unbutton your pants for Captain Caketin's Best of Sketch Comedy Show

2 Sep

Fresh Off The Page

Fresh Off the Page is contemporary Asian plays hot off the press, performed in a series of free play readings by local artists to highlight the diversity in out communities. Presenting: "The Colours of Our Katha" by Ronia Ibrahim.

3 Sep

Late Night Knife Fight

The improv show where three teams face off in a battle for glory, honour, and the audience's favour. The winner returns in the headline spot next month, while the losers wail and gnash their teeth…

7 - 17 Sep

Tahi Festival 2022

TAHI - New Zealand Festival of Solo Performance is an organisation in Wellington that supports the curation and showcasing of New Zealand’s highest quality solo performance.

8 - 10 Sep


A poignant and powerful theatrical exploration of the human condition featuring masterful puppetry and mask.

8 - 10 Sep

Confessions of a Sleepwalking Insomniac

A brand new full-length solo show by award-winning playwright Helen Vivienne Fletcher.

8 - 10 Sep


A brand new collection of monologues by six female and non-binary playwrights around the theme of Joy.

9 - 10 Sep

The Emperor's New Clothes

A high-risk, high-reward dance show not for the faint of heart.

10 Sep

Captain Festus McBoyle - The Prose and Cons

A family-friendly theatrical tale of adventure from a Punk Rock Pirate.

11 Sep

Party Pigs!

Surprise – it’s one little piggy’s birthday!

13 - 15 Sep


Five emerging artists, three nights only.

14 - 15 Sep

Colour Me Cecily

A fabulous flashback to 1980s Upper Hutt featuring a cast of colourful characters and only one performer.

14 - 15 Sep

The Changing Shed

An award-winning autobiographical solo about growing up gay in rural New Zealand.

14 - 15 Sep

Agents Provocateurs

A theatrical cabaret celebrating infamous femme spies throughout history.

16 - 17 Sep

He Māori?

A comedic, musical exploration into the absurdity of being both the colonised and coloniser in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

16 - 17 Sep

First Buzzard at the Body

An experimental vocal and musical performance about death, capitalism, and birds.

16 - 17 Sep

Gag Reflex: A Scandalous Solo Show

A Scandalous Solo Show by Rachel Atlas featuring world-class stunts and a heart-warming feminist story.

16 - 17 Sep

The Shit Kid

A physical, funny, and distinctly kiwi solo show by award-winning writer and comedian Sarah Harpur.

19 Sep

Motif: Anti Slam

NZ, poets, actors and comedians from around Wellington are preparing themselves to bring their worst!

20 - 24 Sep

Drop Dead Gorgeous - A Drag Murder Miss-tery

The Les Femmes queens are back and this time they are serving high drama in this dragged out murder mystery romp.

20 - 24 Sep

Fala Muncher

Fala Muncher presents a short and sharp series of solo monologues that will have your tongue in a twist and your panties soaking wet - yaaaassss bitches! It’s the naughty ‘L Word' with a splash of lime and coconut juice!

22 Sep

Fresh Off The Page

Fresh Asian plays hot off the press, performed in a series of free play readings by local artists. Written, read and directed by Asian practitioners. Presenting: "Soul Sister" by Caryl Loria Illana.

27 Sep - 1 Oct

The Ghost Show

A new queer comedy musical about the perils of love, cheap secondhand toasters, and waiting until it’s too late.

28 Sep - 1 Oct


Be the extra in the background, enjoy a voyeuristic look into the city and watch as the comedy, tragedy and drama of daily life unfolds around you.

4 - 8 Oct

A Boy Called Piano

Auckland, 1963. Three young boys meet in Family Court. Made wards of state and taken to Ōwairaka Boys' Home. A story of darkness and pain, and resilience as they survive through the power of friendship, culture, and music.

11 - 15 Oct

Soft Carnage

2021 NZ Intl. Comedy Festival Billy T Award winner Brynley Stent brings her sold-out, critically-acclaimed comedy show Soft Carnage to BATS Theatre!

12 - 16 Oct

Blown Away

It's likes Bugs Bunny crossed with Beethoven goes to the circus

13 - 15 Oct

High Rise

Meet Henry Lewis. Everything he touches turns to SOLD

18 - 22 Oct

Repressed Memoirs

James Mustapic (TVNZ's Abandonment Issues) dives deep into his Repressed Memories to explore the silliest and spookiest memories from his life!

25 - 29 Oct

Witchez B*tchez

Witch, please! Hosts Absinthe and Grenadine are here to bring you a supernatural talk show that's simply out of this world.

1 - 5 Nov

Fab Beasts

Fab Beasts once roamed the land… but where have they all gone? With murder, mystery, and sexy unicorns, this is the true tale that you’ve been waiting a lifetime to see. Fab beasts are in YOUR town.

22 Nov - 3 Dec

Homemade Takeaways

Shortlisted for the 2021 Adam NZ Playwriting Award Winner – Best New Play at Playmarket’s Playwrights B4 25 2020 Red Scare Theatre Company presents 'Homemade Takeaways'

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