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Love BATS?

Introducing the Love BATS pack - some of the ways you can show us your love

Don’t let COVID suck the lifeblood out of BATS! LOVE BATS? We need your love more than ever! BATS is super famous for our innovative and dynamic art making. We’re also famous for our accessible ticket prices, our low cost to artists model, accessibility and support for artists, and of course our hugely generous $2 lolly mixtures! Want to help us continue to do all of this? Donate to BATS with a one off or regular donation.

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Let’s Go Steady - Give Regularly

We’re so happy that you’re ready to take our relationship to the next level!

Going steady with BATS will make a huge difference. It is the best way to keep BATS flying. With a regular donation you will champion the new generation of theatre and changemakers.

What your regular donation does:

  • Keeps ticket prices affordable for everyone - We’re proud of our accessible ticket prices for all. BATS would have to charge $150 a ticket without donations, grants, and funding.
  • Keeps fees low for artists - BATS partners with our artists. We support our artists by providing ticketing, marketing, amenities, workshop facilities and technical support at no charge to artists.
  • Keeps the BATS $2 lolly mixture at $2 for all - have you seen how many lollies are in that bag? Help us keep it that way!

Don't wanna use your credit card? Easy.
Direct deposit and set up an auto-payment.
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Please name your donation so it's easy for us to find and let us know about your regular donation by emailing [email protected]

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Turn BATS On - Large One Off Donation

You could turn us on (literally) by helping us purchase shiny new things like light bulbs.

Did you know that a light bulb for theatre starts at $30, and a whole light costs nearly $1000, a projector costs $3k and an operating desk costs a whopping $25k?!

Your gifts, big and small, keep the lights shining bright and our resources maintained and up-to-date for our artists.

Or for larger donations or other payment options please email our Partnerships Manager Lyndee-Jane.

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I’ve Got a Crush on BATS - Small One Off Donation

If you’ve got a bit of a crush on us, why not consider a small, one-off donation?

Even the smallest of donations can contribute to the ongoing accessibility, well-being and career sustainability of the BATS Theatre community. What a great way to begin a beautiful relationship with BATS.