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BATS Boosted Goes Off

We're Going BIG Thanks to You!

On Friday, 17 December at 9am BATS Theatre launched our first ever BOOSTED Campaign.

We could not have preempted the huge influx of support from our whānau far and wide. Within 36 hours we met our initial target of $5750 - WOW. Our team are blown away by the kindness and support from all of those who contributed money, shared the links, and sent through kind messages. We knew we had the best friends and fam in the world, but the speed in which you worked was phenomenal.

Now that we have met our initial goal so quickly, we are in a great position to make the full $10,000 that we need to purchase our new lighting board, eeeee!

This is not a please give us more money, this a big blimmin thank you and if you could help us to spread the word to other people who may be able to help, we would be SUPER grateful!

Our campaign will be running into the new year finishing on our Partnerships Manager, Lyndee-Jane's, birthday on the 23rd of January (she's an Aquarius!). We're hoping she get's the best gift ever of a super successful crowdfunding campaign that was her brainchild.

Once again thank you so so so much, the support we have received has really helped us keep pushing towards what has been a gnarly year in the arts!

Have a great break whānau!

Donate here
A link to our BOOSTED campaign.