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The clowns are in the Bill-ding!

The clowns are in the Bill-ding!

A triple-dipped, triple-clown triple bill is coming to BATS Theatre from the 8th to the 12th of November. Bill Bill Bill features three 12 to 15-minute solos created, performed and directed by Georgia Kellett, Felix Crossley-Pritchard and Jeremy Hunt. As they begin their journey into the world of clown.

Dastardly Productions and Knot Theatre have collaborated together for the first time to bring you this ridiculous and endearing show layered with their comedic takes on dance, music and bureaucracy.

With an ethos of creating joy, Dastardly Productions is led by artistic director Hunt, who aims to create theatre that delights both audience and performer in equal measure. The makers of Ted Talks Crimes and Too Many Dead People, Dastardly Productions is looking forward to exploring silliness, light-heartedness, and play in their first foray into pure clown work.

Knot Theatre’s Kaupapa is around creating an environment of work that celebrates the weaving of traditional and innovative theatre elements, incorporating a design-led style and hands-on approach throughout the creative process. With eight productions under their belt so far, including Burrowers – or; the Secret Society of Notable Nuisances and Glass Town, their stories are built from sharing ideas and passions through the mediums of storytelling, technology, puppetry, physical theatre, and everything else under the sun.

“Together during our collective studies we found immense joy not only in collaborating with each other but creating belly-laughing works to share with Wellington”, Knot Theatre creative director Kellett says. “We are delighted to bring you these new characters to enjoy with us.”

Come and get your goofs, gaffs, laffs and chaffs with three very silly Bill-ies.

Bill Bill Bill opens on Tuesday the 8 th of November 2022 at BATS Theatre at 6.30pm.

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