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Wellington Hums

Wellington Hums

A Community Project Celebrating the Sounds of Te Whanganui-a-Tara Devised and Curated by Mike McKeon

Sacha Copland + Ella Williams from Java Dance. Our recent Arts Active Residency team collaborating on Wellington Hums and Mike Mckeon and Jo Marsh working on Wellington Hums at home.

Following a four week Arts Active Residency at BATS Theatre in March, the time has come to test Mike's theory and launch this project by calling out for contributions from the people of Wellington.

To be a part of this project simply record your hum & then send the MP3 recording with your name on the file to [email protected]

International award winning musical director, poet, and musician, Mike McKeon, invites all Wellingtonians to join him in his new project, Wellington Hums.

Mike’s belief is that every built environment hums with its own distinct note. It is the background sound a city creates, like a giant wood, glass, and concrete wind chime. The city channels, fashions and focuses the air into a single sound.

Mike would like to invite all Wellingtonians to go out into the urban landscape, listen to the sounds of the city around you and record that sound by humming it into your phone, saving it with your name and emailing it to [email protected]

What I’m hoping”, says Mike, “is to create a love letter to Wellington. I want to compose a piece of music based on those hums, and then invite other artists from a variety of mediums; song, poetry, dance and live visual art, to join me in creating a collaborative event that aims to celebrate this vibrant and culturally diverse city that I now call home.’

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Mike McKeon
Photography by Tom Nobel

So come, get involved in this celebration of what makes Te Whanganui-a-Tara so wonderful, by gifting your unique hum.

Again to be a part of this project simply record your hum & then send the MP3 recording with your name on the file to [email protected]

The more recordings we receive, the greater the celebration!

For more information please contact Jo Marsh. + follow Wellington Hums on Instagram!