Whore’s Eye View by NYC’s Kaytlin Bailey in New Zealand

Whore’s Eye View by NYC’s Kaytlin Bailey in New Zealand

Weaving comedic storytelling and the wisdom of lived experience, Whore’s Eye View is a mad dash through 10,000 years of history from a sex worker’s perspective.

Equal parts comedy special, history lecture, and very personal story, Whore’s Eye View by Kaytlin Bailey artfully unpacks the complex, age-old stigma underpinning a status quo designed to keep women in their place. “A parade of well-honed zingers.” Lily Janiak, San Francisco Chronicle.

Whore’s Eye View will be presented at NZ Fringe Festival (BATS Theatre) at 9pm February 20 – 24 and soon to be announced performances in Nelson, Dunedin, Christchurch, and Auckland. “Terrific writing and comic delivery.” Melissa Strong, Broad Street Review.

Based in New York City, sex worker rights advocate, comedian, and writer, Kaytlin Bailey is the Founder & Executive Director of Old Pros, a non-profit media organization creating conditions to change the status of sex workers in society. Kaytlin Bailey hosts The Oldest Profession Podcast, where each episode focuses on an “old pro” from history, contextualizing that figure in their own time and connecting their story to the ongoing struggle for sex worker rights.

Kaytlin Bailey’s views are backed by Amnesty International, The World Health Organization, Human Rights Watch, and UNAids who all agree that the decriminalization of sex work is the only policy that reduces violence. "Kaytlin Bailey is super talented and smart. Her brilliant show gives me hope for the future." Annie Sprinkle.