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Money Stuff

Venue Fees

BATS aims to be as affordable to stage work in as possible. Other venues charge a flat fee, but our hire charge is based around a risk-share model, where we take 15% of overall ticket sales and some nominal venue fees. This means that when our shows do better, so do we - but it also removes some of the risk for our artists who don't always have to worry about selling out every performance just to recover fixed venue costs.

Theatre Hire

BATS currently takes just 15% (plus GST) of your gross box office income as Theatre Hire. This is calculated at the end of your season and deducted from your final reconciliation along with booking and maintenance fees. The remaining amount will be paid out to the co-op by direct credit after the final performance.

Booking Fees

BATS Audience pay no fees when booking a ticket, but there is an inside charge to our co-ops to help with the costs of administering and running our ticketing system.

This is currently a nominal fee of $2.00 per ticket, which is deducted from Box Office income before payout is made.

Complimentary Tickets

There is generally no charge for complimentary tickets. However, as we are sharing the income risk with you, BATS must limit the total number of comps for any season to 30 for opening night and 2 for every successive night. After this we charge for any additional comps at a rate of 15% of the average ticket price plus GST (which equates to the hireage amount if these tickets been sold).

Maintenance Fees

The standard BATS maintenance fee is $25.00 (plus GST) per show up to a maximum of $250.00 (plus GST) per season. This fee covers minor maintenance costs that are incurred by each co-op during its season and packing in and out.

GST & Ticket Sales

BATS will act as an agent for the Company for ticket sales . Sole responsibility for the collection and payment of GST with respect to ticket sales shall rest with the Company. If the Company is GST registered, the ticket sale includes GST. If the Company is not GST registered, the ticket sale does not include GST.

Additional Tech Time

We provide technical support free of charge during your pack-in and pack-out time. If you require any additional technical time, after 5pm or on the weekend, this should be arranged in advance.

For after hours tech time there needs to be a BATS House Tech on site for support and to supervise. As we need to pay that person for their time, this is a cost we need to pass on.  The rate is $28 +GST per hour and this cost can come off your box office payout at the end of the season.

If you're planning on moving the seating in The Dome please be aware that you'll need to arrange extra tech time and tech support to do this.

You can download the Great BATS Budget Projection guide here and budget templates here.

Payout & Debrief

We’re always working to make BATS even better - so after your show has closed we’ll send you a feedback form to be completed by your group, along with a link to submit bank account and expense details.

We also require this feedback as part of reporting to our funders, so it's really important that we hear from you about your BATS experience.

Our Front of House and Finance Managers will then work to create your ticket sales and expense report. Your Box Office payout will be processed within ten working days from closing night.

If you’d like the chance to debrief with the BATS Programme Director, you can! This can be a valuable chance for feedback on your show, to talk about what worked and what didn’t, and to have a chat about where to next.