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16 - 20 May

ADHD...the Musical!?


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55 mins


Maria Williams returns with another theatrical hot-mess of a show! Will it actually be a musical this time? Will it be funny? Or will it just be sad? Or will it, again, ‘define characterisation’?

Winner of Best Newcomer WLG (2019) and Best Newcomer AKL (2021), will 2023 be the year she finally breaks out to become a comer?? So many questions. ...

She has a lot of questions too: Why only now is it glaringly obvious she has ADHD?

Come find out more! You’ve got nothing better to do!?

Billy T Award nominee 2023, NZ International Comedy festival

Winner – Best Newcomer Auckland 2021, NZ International Comedy festival

Winner – Best Newcomer Wellington 2019, NZ International Comedy festival

“….All of this is aided by Williams' high energy, charismatic personality; it takes a lot of energy and commitment to stay at (that) level of that intensity for a full hour, but Williams breezed through the show, effortlessly moving into dance breaks and her parodies and consistently delivering the laughs.
Ethan Stills, NZ Herald

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