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1 - 2 July

An Honest Conversation

An Honest Conversation (Cancelled)

By Sacha Copland and Mystery Artists

July 1st – E.MOTION 4.0 (Cancelled)

The Metamorphosis artists will experiment with dance in front of your eyes. Featuring choreographer Eliza Sanders. Local dance artists follow their impulses and invite you into the inception of their ideas. Dance will magically appear in front of your eyes.

July 2nd - An Honest Conversation (Postponed)

40 year old choreographer Sacha Copland and an artist will talk while dancing for 1 hour. They will both try to be honest.

Sacha has choreographed more than 20 full length dance theatre works and now she wants to talk. Sacha also wants to dance. Sacha will try to be honest while she dances and talks.

Sacha and the artist who wants to talk to her can’t make any promises but they will try to dance, talk and be honest.

Somewhere between standup comedy, a physical competition, an intergenerational back-and-forth and a celebration of mauri / life force.
Jonathan Hendry (BATS)

Thank you to CNZ and WCC for supporting An Honest Conversation