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13 - 17 August

Antarctic Endeavours


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13 Aug 6.30 PM
14 Aug 6.30 PM
15 Aug 6.30 PM
16 Aug 6.30 PM
17 Aug 6.30 PM

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Extra Aroha Ticket

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70 mins

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Antarctic Endeavours

Ruckus Theatre in collaboration with Believable Arts Management.

Set in the surreal landscape of the frozen continent, we follow Tom and Suzanne Denborough, a lovely young couple looking for a tasteful terracotta townhouse on the outskirts of Antarctica. At least, they think they are.

Thǝ truʇh is far sʇrang̵e̸r̸.̴ ̸

Join us as they confront personal truths about themselves, their relationship, and the nature of their reality. With themes of agency, autonomy, and the search for meaning, we offer a captivating journey through the complexities of human experience.

It is a fun, absurd, and silly romp out at the theatre and I recommend for anyone who is looking for something a bit different.
Brie Keatley, Art Murmurs.

'Antarctic Endeavours' is an absurdist play born out of unexpected circumstances. Written by Ava O'Brien, Alex Quinn, and Tom Smith, and directed by Peggie Barnes.

The production emerged when the original project encountered obstacles, leaving the cast and crew with a ready-to-go team and a title—everything except a script. Seizing the chance for artistic exploration, we embarked on a journey to craft a new narrative within the constraints of the existing title and blurb. Thus, 'Antarctic Endeavours' was reimagined and brought to life.

Winner of the NZ Fringe Parkin Development Award 2024, nominated for Most Promising Emerging Company and nominated for Most Promising Pasifika Artist for our publicist Hellena Faasili. 'Antarctic Endeavours' is the latest production by Ruckus Theatre in collaboration with Believable Arts Management. We believe in creating theatre that makes a ruckus, igniting conversations and challenging the status quo.

Resounding applause affirms the success of their endeavours.
John Smythe, Theatreview.
Creative team

Director: Peggie Barnes

Co-Writer/Producer: Tom Smith

Co-Writer/Sound Designer: Alex Quinn

Co-Writer/Costumier: Ava O’Brien

Stage Manager: Samantha Lusty

Production Designer: Scott Maxim

Graphic Designer: Cate Sharma

Photography: Scott Maxim

Publicist: Hellena Faasili


Ethan Cranefield

Stella Vaivai

Joshua Hughes

Lincoln Swinerd

Content warning

Coarse language, flashing lights, simulated violence.