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23 - 27 May



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50 mins


Presented by Kickin’ Rad
Due to unforeseen circumstances May 23 performance of Bangwagon is cancelled. BATS will be in contact will all ticket holders. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

With a life full of distraction, derailment and small dependents, Jim Stanton is back on the comedy stage with her unique wit tinged with silliness and frustration.

Turns out any distraction can be a derailment when you discover you have ADHD at 39! A show about discovering, coming to terms with, and not bothering to spell check anything before jumping on the ADHD bandwagon. Perfect for anyone who has ever ‘asked‘ am I actually going mad or just living in 2023?’

Sharp, droll and charismatic...
Stanton is, as always, a pro.

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