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30 August - 3 September

Book Addict by Annie Ruth


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30 Aug 7 PM   12 left
31 Aug 7 PM   44 left
1 Sep 2 PM   44 left
1 Sep 7 PM   44 left
2 Sep 7 PM   44 left
3 Sep 2 PM   44 left
3 Sep 7 PM   44 left

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75 mins

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The Book Addict

Written and performed by Annie Ruth

The Book Addict is a dip into my life - the life I live in between books of course! Reading books saves lives. Well - it has certainly saved mine - many times. For me the leaves of my life only begin to make sense when I look back at them - choices and detours, discoveries and transformations. From family to lovers, jobs to travel, from my New Zealand childhood to finding a second home in Greece, it’s been and still is one hell of a ride!
In telling my stories, my hope is that you will see fragments of yourselves. Covid seems to have made us all more reflective. Is that happening for you? It certainly is for me, weighing up what is important and where my choices have led. What’s next? Where do I stand in this uncertainty? I want to share this with you. In the words of Kazu Ishiguro: ‘this is the way it feels to me. Can you understand? Does it feel this way to you?’

A triumph of truth and language. The writing is sublimely beautiful. The imagery is shimmering at times.
Ralph McAllister (Director and Theatre Reviewer)
An extraordinary life story told with joy, compassion and panache
Rachel McAlpine (Poet)

Actor/writer - Annie Ruth

Director - Robin Payne

Designer - Helen Todd

Technician - Neal Barber

Photography - Stephen A’Court