image split into quarters each has a male with their face split one side looking happy the other looking terrified
3 - 6 March

(CANCELLED) Boys Wake Up

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Boys, Wake Up!

Brick Haus Productions

What happens when you mix four highschool lads, too much to drink, and the Remutaka Hills? As the boys pull themselves out of the wreckage and find themselves completely stranded in the wops, how will they pass the time with no reception, and no sign of rescue?

Yes, Lets Go . [They Don't Move].
Samuel Beckett, 'Waiting For Godot'.

Boys Wake Up! addresses the 40% of fatal road accidents that involve alcohol and drugs, the high numbers of youth involved in these accidents, and the link our binge drinking culture has to toxic masculinity.

Darkly funny, confronting, and crucial - the forest is cold, and the silence can be deafening.

Created and Written by Jackson Burling in collaboration with Brick Haus Productions