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An autumn pile of leaves sit in the foreground of white. From left to right there is a cat in the leaves, a rabbit and a Badger poking their ears and eyes over the leaves. They all have curious expressions.
21 - 30 April

(POSTPONED) Burrowers - or; the Secret Society of Notable Nuisances


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60 mins

Burrowers - or; the Secret Society of Notable Nuisances

A Knot Theatre Production

In the heart of Old Maple park

Under the Oldest Maplest tree

Far below the whirlybirds

Down and down the burrow

Among the jam jars

Three sets of sticky pawprints trail

And weave among the bookspires

In the wake of childhood’s gloaming

Now we must wait for Dot.

Join us for the premiere season of The Burrowers by Felix Crossley-Pritchard and Georgia Kellett.

Inspired by Charlie Mackesy's book The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, the trio introduce you to a whimsical ride through the twists and tunnels of a homely woodland burrow. This story embraces the nostalgic nature of book-like storytelling in order to champion self acceptance and celebrate the individuality of those you treasure. Find yourself laughing along with charming characters of Cat, Badger, Rabbit, and more as they are puppetted by skilled performers.

Creative Team

Felix Crossley-Pritchard

Writer & Director

Georgia Kellett

Writer & Producer

Dannii Kellett

Set Designer

Knot Theatre

Knot Theatre is a Wellington based Theatre company established in 2016. Sparking from the ideas of Anna Secker and Georgia Kellett during their final years at college, Knot Theatre looks to find new theatre experiences that are not like the traditional trips to the theatre, both utilising modern theatre techniques and experimenting with other mediums of artistic expression. Knot Theatre uses inspiration of music, set and light to create and produce original works. Recent works of Knot Theatre include: Bruises, The Burdened and Glass Town. Knot Theatre hopes to continue to grow and develop new works in the near and distant future.