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Dr Drama Makes a Show With You Hero
30 March - 2 April

(CANCELLED) Dr Drama Makes a Show With You

Dr Drama Makes a Show With You

Presented By Theatre of Love

Why do we do theatre? What does it mean to you? Dr Drama (James Wenley) returns to the stage with a new set of questions - but he can’t make this show without you.

In Dr Drama 2, James and director Rachael Longshaw-Park create a fun and highly interactive theatre experience to reflect on themes of loneliness and connection and the relationship between performance and wellness.

Learn about the social origins of dramatic performance, browse James’ collection of theatre programmes he started when he was 7 years old, and collaborate with fellow audience members to create your own unique performance responding to the themes of the show.

Wenley’s show is artfully self-aware, broaching relevant topics such as loneliness... Each moment links together with a common thread of hope. Theatre acts as the binding force by which we can not only overcome loneliness, but also connect with others in a world where we are becoming increasingly divided physically, socially, and emotionally.
Alessia Belsito-Riera, Wellington Regional News

A love letter celebrating what live theatre can uniquely do for us, while questioning how theatre can also fall short, this show attempts to give voice to both performer and audience to empower and elevate critical perspectives, play and wellbeing.

Dr James Wenley is a theatre lecturer at Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington. He is also a theatre critic, practitioner, dramaturg, and avid collector of theatre programmes.

Audience testimonials:

An exceptionally unique theatrical experience. It raised interesting questions while giving the audience agency and a chance to be creative. It's a super fun time!”

A lecture from Dr Drama is as humbling as it is invigorating. The whole piece felt like a celebration.”

I loved the opportunity to think about how an audience influences a performance, and to contribute to a completely new piece of work. Not to be missed!”

Due to the interactive workshop style of the performance, a limited number of tickets are available for each performance. Don’t miss out - enrol now! Recommended for audiences 13+.