The planet Neptune is leaving a voice message for their only true love, the Voyager spacecraft. Saturn is taking a personality quiz to see if it’s an ice giant or a gas giant. Mercury is writing an email to the universe to ask for some time off from being a planet.

Celestial Nobodies is a polylogue of the personified planets in our solar system that talk about their unique and universal struggles. It’s a witty fusion of theatre and science that tackles social issues, and the impact of labels on our lives. We are excited to bring this hilarious, sharp, and cathartic journey of relatable experiences and space themes to the stage for the first time.

Experience a huge cast of diverse solo performers and storytellers express a tapestry of experiences, as non-binary planets. Celestial Nobodies declares that STEM is for all, especially those in the Queer community.

“I know you were aiming for something else but I’m not your property. I’m my own celestial body.”

Evangelina Telfar - Writer and Co-Producer (project lead focus), Potentially Playing Productions
Bethany Miller - Co-Producer (funding and production management focus), Toi Ngākau Productions, Operator
Courtney Rose Brown - Co-Producer (marketing and social media focus), Toi Ngākau Productions
Anastasia Matteini-Roberts - Director
Isadora Lao - Lighting Designer
Olivia Flanagan - Stage Manager El Yule - Mental Health Advisor